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Preparing for Photo Day

It's Photo Day!

Your home will be professionally photographed by the finest photographers in the DC metro area. High impact, high quality imagery is the most significant piece of your overall marketing strategy. Buyers will experience their first impression of your property online and it is important that it is a memorable one.

Property Collective_Real Estate_Great Falls, VA

A Checklist for Sellers

  • Turn on the lights

  • Clear off the kitchen counters; leave out only three items or less

  • Put away magnets, paperwork, dish towels and oven mitts

  • Hide trash cans

  • Put down toilet seats

  • Store personal hygiene items out of sight

  • Make beds

  • Put away personal photos, important papers, toys and laundry

  • Remove evidence of pets

  • Put away lawn care items and kids toys

  • Check windows for any distracting blinds and curtains

  • Move cars out of the driveway and away from the front of the property

  • Close the garage

  • Uncover patio furniture, grills and pools

  • Open outdoor umbrellas

Still Have Time?
  • Bring in fresh flowers, greens or branches from outside

  • Take photos on your phone and fix or remove anything that looks out of place or distracting


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