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Market Trends March 2021

Buying a home this spring was not for the faint of heart. Our team represented many clients who were competing withs sometimes 10-20 other offers, most waiving all contingencies, all going significantly over the asking price, sometimes by $100,000 or more.

But don’t be discouraged! Shane has access to unique off-market opportunities and knows the strategies and terms it takes to win. Of course it varies by location and price point but we are seeing a subtle change in buying power as these challenging conditions ease heading into the summer months.

Let’s catch up soon if you’re considering a move!

Notable Sales:

13328 Emeric Court, Centreville

Property Collective_Real Estate_Great Falls, VA

Sold for $975,000 in March 2021

  • Moved to: A modern new construction in Vienna

  • We represented: Out sweet sellers who also bought

  • How they found us: Internet research

  • Time on Market: Less than 24 hours

  • What they got: $50k over their asking price, all cash, no contingencies

3113 Savoy Drive, Fairfax

Property Collective_Real Estate_Great Falls, VA

Sold for $794,000 in March 2021

  • Moved from: 500 square feet on U Street downtown

  • We represented: The buyers

  • How they found us: High school and college friends with Shane and his wife Flor. She was a bridesmaid in their wedding!

  • What they were up against: an offer deadline and 17 offers

  • How they won: $64k over asking, waived all contingencies and wrote a sweet letter

Pro Tip:

These buyers paid for a pre-inspection of the property to help them get comfortable waiving the home inspection contingency. It’s not always possible but a strategic way to find some peace of mind in a competitive multiple offer situation.


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